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Do you need some help organising your holiday? 

Do you wish you could just book some flights and have your safari guides arrange the rest?

We will let you know

~ what our availability is

~ what your total cost will be with us

~ all the things you don't need to worry about



Emails are more reliable.

We endeavour to return all emails within a 48 hour period.


Leaving a voicemail will not be optional, however we can make calls through WhatsApp wherever we are in the world.

Please be aware that there is likely a good reason why we could not immediately answer your phone call:

We are likely:

  1. In the bush
  2. On a kayak or sail boat
  3. Travelling across a desert
  4. Scuba diving
  5. Climbing up a waterfall
  6. Alert, on a game drive
  7. Fending off some troublesome baboons or 
  8. Relaxing off-grid around a campfire
  9. Playing chess, surrounded by elephants, sipping on a few gin and tonics

Ben and Bjorn Safari Kasungu Go Unamed


Email is always the best option to cantact us and we will respond ASAP. 

Please contact us for:

  • Safari availability
  • Dates and time frames
  • Quotes and budgets
  • Future expeditions
  • Whether you are unsure if we can cater for you
  • Partnering with us or working with us remotely
  • Logistical queries and travel transfers
  • Feedback
  • Info about our favourite road snacks and top-shelf whiskies


For answers to the more common questions we receive, see our FAQ section.


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