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Who are Go Untamed?

Unlike many commercial tour operators, when you book with Go Untamed, you will be touring with the guys that both run this website and own Go Untamed. It's our baby! We care about it! 

We want you to be able to recommend us to others and want to come on safari with us again. With this in mind, we focus more on your adventure, and endeavour to avoid the mundane and frustrating experiences which you often get with larger companies. We know! We've experienced them!

So, if you are looking to AVOID a crowded bus ride through a commercialised tourist mecca, Go Untamed! 


Meet your Guides!

Passionate, experienced and adventurous.


Ben Winston (English)

 Bushman, expedition leader, 4x4 driver, multi-continent guide, first aider, logistics chief  I.T. marketing manager, business development, intrepid wildlife enthusiast, conservation fundraiser, cook, artistic content and Co-Founder of Go Untamed Safaris.


Bjorn Pretorius (South African)

Bushman, army trained, big game expert, wildlife enthusiast, expedition leader, first aider, conservationist, business development, cook, conversationalist, and Co-Founder of Go Untamed Safaris.



Godwin Mhango (Malawian) 

Chief Personal Assistant to the management, local guide and bird expert, cook, logistics, multi-lingual translator, and local Dr Doolittle.



We are prepared to give you an extraordinary safari where other tourists don't venture.


Go Untamed is also occasional partners with Kokopelli Adventures (

Much like Go Untamed, Kokopelli Adventures have been offering safaris in Southern Africa for many years. We have similar views and we are aligned in the ways in which we hope to inspire our friends and customers through the experiences we offer. We want to show people that it is safe and accessible to immerse themselves and be warmed by this part of our world and its cultures. We are proud to have a close working relationship with Owner and Safari Leader, Steve, and if there is a call for us to combine our skills and knowledge for certain safaris or expeditions, we ride together. 

Steve Ackermann (German): Kokopelli Adventures


Cheers Steve!


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