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We found that many tour operators (especially the well-stablished overland companies) push safari limits, with often exhausting travel, filling the days with commercial and overcrowded experiences. Although we appreciate there is a place for these trips; rather than packing too much into a rigid schedule for the sake of a large group, we like to focus our efforts into the interests and pleasures of a few individuals.

Go Untamed wants you to have incredible memories that will stay with you forever. 

Go Untamed is a small organisation, allowing it to be flexible and dynamic. 

Causing everyone stress by stretching you beyond your budget for something that isn’t quite what you want is something we’d like to avoid. We are suited to adjust itineraries and activities to fit your time-frame and budget. 

Your qualified guides own Go Untamed. We listen to your requests, plan your trip, and provide the service. It’s in our interest to make sure you know what you’re buying.


It is YOUR holiday. We are the facilitators, not the dictators.

Instead of selling you something that isn’t what you want, we would rather recommend a different company, individual, or doing it yourself! If we’re fully booked, feel free to ask what we recommend.


When we offer a quote - it is inclusive of everything while you are with us (all except border-crossing visas and that boozy bar tab).


We would like to know a little bit about you before we take you for an adventure through the wilds and presumably, you would like to be comfortable with us as well. 


Personalised Safaris


We want you to be inspired and entertained, but we are also happy to challenge our guests and maybe show you an unfamiliar, unexpected Africa. There is so much to see and do in so many countries. We want to help put together YOUR preferred adventure and take away the stress of organisation and often difficult, foreign logistics.


Before you travel, we will let you know what is available, discuss your priorities, then focus completely on putting an itinerary together for you.


We like to cater for nature-lovers who want to get off the beaten track as well as for those who want to experience today's culture around parts of the African continent. Whatever level of luxury you’re after, we want to immerse you into the experience. We can also tailor trips to include any kind of activity. If you can think of it, we can make a plan.


We often safari with solo travellers and although we can easily make arrangements, we tend not to organise trips for large groups. Sharing knowledge and getting to know each other is an important part of enjoying the trip. It’s also easier to keep an eye on a small crowd when there are dangerous beasts around!

We won’t invite strangers onto your trip unless you are completely happy with them joining the vibe. 


If you’re a social creature, there are plenty of places we can stop to meet locals or other travellers. If you want to experience some rural hot spots, we know where to go where you won’t get harassed or into “too much” trouble… 



Wildlife and Game Drives

We do what we do because we have such great admiration for wildlife. We get to share or passion with you and use all our experience and knowledge to show you how incredible the African wilderness is.

We never cease to be inspired by the wild and never tire of respectfully seeing all creatures, great and small, in their natural habitat.


This is the wild, not Disneyland. There is never a guarantee to see an animal. In our years on safari, we have only ever had one three day trip where we didn't see elephants, but we saw so much more! Every now and again, the wild surprises the pants off you!


International Safaris

We tailor adventures for up to three months.


Travelling through various cultures and habitats, seeing different people, glimpsing inspiring wildlife and exploring mind boggling landscapes can be overwhelming, but nothing is more rewarding.


We often venture into wilderness where tourists rarely go. We also plan expeditions far from home. 
Travelling to different environments, you're more likely going to see species native only to those specific habitats.

Start and end points can be different.

We can make a plan for anywhere.




Remote Retreats

Finding and internet or phone connection every now and again can be important, but we enjoy a connection that is often so much more meaningful.

Our neighbourhood isn't lacking in places to lose yourself off the grid. There are a lot of areas where there is no noise except from the water flowing or the creatures nearby. Many places where we camp do not even suffer from a spec of light pollution. Get yourself off the grid, and truly see the stars.

We can promise some solitude if you desire it, and definitely some peace and quiet. Just let us know how much you want to relax. 


 Bush & Hiking Challenges

Relaxing is one thing, but there is so much terrain where vehicles just can't go. If you want to get off the road (or completely off the trail), there are endless strolls and hikes, scrambles and bush whacks available. 

Truly more at home in the bush than anywhere else; we will be thrilled to be with you in the wild and share with you our expertise and knowledge.

We often explore to find new vistas, picnic spots, watering holes and places to camp.

Maybe you'd like to see our secret spots.




Safe Swimming

It is often quite warm in Southern Africa. You'll be encouraged to enjoy a cooling swim.

We will let you know before you arrive: In the seas, lakes and rivers around Southern Africa are some of the most dangerous sharks, grumpiest hippo, and largest crocodiles on Earth. There are even some electric fish!
Why are they so big? It's not because they feast on people. It's because they have found the most suitable habitats to live in, where there is abundant food. We are here to help you avoid wandering into a large creature's home or being confused with their food. This is important.

Hippo are believed to be the most dangerous animals in Africa. Sure, we won't recommend you go for a swim with them. We want you to enjoy watching their behaviour, not join them for an ill-fated dung-flinging session.

There are other dangers as well as large, grumpy vegetarians, but again, we are here to help you with your options and get your best white bits out only when it is safe.

Whether it's a stroll along a wet beach, a paddle in a natural pool, or a serene scuba dive, you want to be safe. As long as certain rules are followed, there are plenty of places where it IS safe. Ben has seen more dangers working as a lifeguard in the busy, toddler-saturated, urine-filled swimming pools of the West, than in the wild waters we regularly and quietly enjoy.


Beach Life

To be more specific, local culture. It's easy to assume from a distance and from the media, that the people of Southern Africa are portrayed as poor, unhealthy, disadvantaged and frustrated.

From the comfort of a couch, life here can never be judged on appearances. It isn't always what it seems.

Is everyone poor? Do people still live in mud huts? Do politicians have larger entourages than the U.S. President? Are there crazy chiefs in all the rural villages? What's all this about Voodoo and Black Magic?

Be enlightened. Come and see for yourself.


Sailing, Diving & Fishing

Go Untamed work closely with various partners who offer many sporting activities.

Whether it's diving, kayaking, golf, fishing, zip-lining, bungee-jumping, getting your rocks off at a music festival, or visiting a spa to moisturise those tender spots that caught a bit too much sun, we can organise it for you as part of your trip.

Activities will be discussed and arranged as part of your itinerary. If it was not confirmed in writing, it was not part of the safari - but that doesn't mean you can't request it while yore here. We are flexible, and can always make a plan to slot something in if you see something that interests you.


Honeymoon and Proposal Safaris

We won't beat around the bush...

It is not common for Go Untamed guests to have a bridal manicure every day, or someone in a gleaming white tunic serve them Pimms in the infinity pool each evening - do you know how hard it is to get Pimms out here?

Some of you might have thought about going on a "luxury" honeymoon, and that it would be amazing to sit in a colonial lodge with a never ending
supply of Champers, while elephants wander up to your deck and sniff your roses. Elephants would destroy your roses.

We cater for honeymooners who might like to buck the trend a little, who like to immerse themselves in culture and adventure, somewhere off the beaten track. Why always sit in a lodge when you can explore without all the commercialism and create new memories in unique places.

Of course there will be retreats where you can let loose your inner Tarzan and Jane!

If you would like to propose on one of our safaris, we absolutely will be part of the secret. We will even arrange the weather and could even strap the ring to a friendly hyena to deliver it in the dead of night. Nothing says "I love you", and "I want you to be the one I irritate for the rest of my life" quite like the hungry and laughing face of a cuddly, bone-crushing ring-bearer.

Curious to join Go Untamed on safari.


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